The recent injury Suffered by Rey Mysterio during SmackDown has been clarified with more information.

Rey Mysterio
Image credit: WWE
Following in conflict rumors regarding Rey Mysterio's injury status following his encounter against Santos Escobar on "WWE SmackDown," it was said during the most recent episode of "Wrestling Observer Radio" that the WWE Hall of Famer is thought to be right.

Even though Mysterio is reportedly recovering properly, it is still unclear whether the "Master of the 619" sustained a concussion or if a leave of absence is in the works for him. During the number one contender's match, Mysterio had his bell rung twice; the first time outside the ring after Escobar hit him with a suicide dive, sending Mysterio's head crashing to the floor. As medical staff attended to his opponent, the situation forced the referee to stop the fight and declare Escobar the winner. Fortunately, Mysterio managed to rise up by the end of the episode and congratulate Escobar, putting over the LWO member's win.

Fightful later updated its initial report, clarifying that this was in fact a legitimate injury. Immediately after the battle, it was reported that the entire event was a plot device and had been intended to occur. Escobar's victory has earned him an opportunity at the United States Championship, albeit it is presently unknown when Mysterio will return to the ring. The situation will not affect any of WWE's plans for those involved because Escobar was always expected to win, just in a different way. He will fight Austin Theory for the title this Friday on "SmackDown," and this incident will not affect any of those plans.

On the SmackDown Lowdown, Theory reportedly said that he was stunned to see his Childhood Hero Rey Mysterio get injured."I was shocked. I enjoyed my popcorn but was unable to finish it, "LWO Not just friends but it's a family. Santos Escobar and Rey Mysterio are Family. But they weren't kind to one another. That's what I believed, but what actually occurred? My childhood hero, Rey Mysterio, was just injured by Santos Escobar. Understand what that means? Santos Escobar is an evil person. And I'll take care of that."

Without a doubt, Mysterio's injury will prevent WWE from presenting him as an important role at SummerSlam 2023. Let's see when the Former WWE HALL OF FAMER REY MYSTERIO returns in action.






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