Update on WWE's Push Plans for LA Knight and Dismissal of Rumors

LA Knight
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Fans have been waiting for Knight to be seriously promoted to the main roster, and word within WWE executives are aware of the support that Knight is receiving and that He has the ability to turn into a top Superstar. This has been the situation for a while.

According to a fresh report from Better Wrestling Experience, Knight will have "a certain" segment or angle at SummerSlam on August 5 in Detroit. It was mentioned that this may be changed to Knight having in a match, but confirmation should come on Friday.

The last time BWE announced that a "certain" segment was planned for a WWE Premium Live Event, Grayson Waller and John Cena squared off at WWE Money In the Bank. While there has been no indication that Stone Cold and La Knight will collaborate at Summer Slam, WWE did consider a segment with Austin and Knight for WrestleMania 39 earlier this year. It is said that WWE has plans for a Superstar to receive "the rub" from WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin in the future.

LA Knight And stone cold
Regarding the rumors of LA Knight having backstage heat, BWE has dispelled them, stating that he is considered one of WWE's most dependable superstars and has no issues backstage.

As WWE SummerSlam approaches, the anticipation for LA Knight's "new push" continues to grow among fans. With rumors of a certain segment or even a potential match for Knight at the event, excitement levels are at an all-time high.



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